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Poor, poor, old Job, he had a wonderful life With lots of land and a beautiful wife. He owned all the cattle on a hundred hills With big barns and houses and meadows and fields. Then one beautiful day, we don’t know why, God went out for a walk with old Mister Sly. Now Job […]

Don’t Push Me

“Don’t let me be tardy for Sunday school.” She prayed while skipping along. “I know I slept a little bit late But I didn’t mean anything wrong I’m wearing my best to go to your house And I meant to get up before eight But if you would help me just one little bit I […]

The Tent

While Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Were camping out one summer night, Sherlock awakened old Doc Watson To a most unusual sight. “Look at the stars”, he said to Watson, “Can you tell me your deduction?” ‘Cause Sherlock liked to ask a question To be used as an instruction. Dr. Watson said he saw the […]