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A scientist, who was of world renown, Happened to meet God one recent day. “You know Mr. God,” the scientist said, “Knowledge has come a very long way. We have to admit that you did it first That all living things were made by you. But we have no need of you any more ‘Cause […]

Brown Thumb

I guess I’m a lousy gardener You can’t say I haven’t tried. But this is the very last straw Two rocks in my rock garden died.


Two little goldfish, Who lived in a bowl, They thought that their home Was the universe whole. “Do you believe in God?”, One fish asked the other, For neither was taught By father or mother. Then answered the son, Or was it the daughter? “Of course there’s a God, He changes our water.” Perspective, is […]

Borrowed Chairs

The pastor asked the boys to help him Borrow some of the Baptists’ chairs. They were having their Christmas program And there wouldn’t be enough of theirs. Their country church was kinda small As country churches tend to go. And when they had a special meeting Their crowds would sometimes overflow. He always took the […]

For Better Or Worse

They had been married for seventy years, It had been a very good marriage. It was appropriate that they met their fate While riding in a horseless carriage. She had always planned their diet carefully With just the right vitamins for their health. Because taking care of their bodies Was far more important than great […]