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The Wall

The great wall that divides Heaven from the Devil’s Hell Was in need of much repair, as any soul could tell. Fumes of molten sulfur had been seeping through each crack So God approached the Devil, at first with godly tact. “Our wall’s gotten shabby, bits and pieces lie about. And if we don’t fix […]

Pilot Error

When the purser said this morning That all my passengers changed planes. I knew for sure when that happens That the management complains. Just why my passengers all changed, I simply didn’t have a clue. ‘Cause I’m always very helpful And I make sure my crew is too. Today a blind man came aboard, The […]

The Fight

He bragged to his drinking buddies How he always controlled his wife. How he had been the one in charge Throughout their entire married life. He said, “She came to me on hands and knees, After our argument last night. To see your wife crawling towards you Is not a very pretty sight!” “What did […]


He was the average corporate lawyer But Henry had always had one flaw. It was the love for things material And that is why Henry practiced law. He bought himself a brand new Jaguar, A car that cost him a lot of bread. He’d gotten the Jaguar just for show, So he had picked fire […]