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A Yankee Goes to Texas

He was going down to Texas To check on all the things he’d heard, No way that they could all be true ‘Cause they were all just too absurd. That Rhode Island fits in Texas Two hundred twenty times; That to steal a horse in Texas Is the very worst of crimes. So he had […]

New Friend

The worm was having a great day, Tunneling happily through the muck. When he came upon such beauty, Love hit him like a two ton truck. Her skin was so brown and shiny, Her curves were such a lovely sight. He’d always been a timid worm But what the heck, she couldn’t bite. So he […]

Service of the King

Pastor Johnson caught up with him, While he was walking down the street, And he tapped him on the shoulder, “You’re just the man I hoped to meet.” “When you came to church on Christmas, I saw how much you loved to sing. So I would like to sign you up To join the service […]