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The Alarm

Would you believe that dumb alarm, It failed to work again. Sam would be late another time, Just like he’d usually been. He’d bought it from a peddler, It had no guarantee. It would have cost too much Had the peddler made it free! The peddler said that this alarm Was sure to be a […]

The Window

Jack’s bed was by the window The whole time that they’d been there. It really hadn’t mattered; Neither took the time to care. Both of them were paralyzed From the time they’d been in Nam. They both had learned the hard way, Of the deadly pop-up bomb. Jack didn’t like the TV And visitors there […]

Guide Dog

I had to walk her poodle With its yip and yap and all. A poodle’s just not a dog. It won’t even chase a ball. The fellows would meet at Joe’s, Where we’d play a game or two. But dogs are never allowed, Just what was a man to do? That was when I saw […]