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How About You?

It seems to me some people go To church for conversation. But lots of people that I know Go there for observation. A few have found it quite the place To get some rest and nod. It makes you wonder just how many Go there to worship God? Having grown up attending church, I can […]

First Day Of School

The first day of school and he was still in bed. I had do get him dressed, and I had to get him fed. Why was it such a struggle to get him on his way? The first day of school was such a trying day. Then as I fixed his sandwiches, I had a […]


He was going on a diet And was going to lose some weight. He thought it would make it easy If he just watched the things he ate. His doctor said, for it to work, He’d see if he could make it fun. If, each three days, he’d diet two Then he could skip the […]

The Face of God

She saw Billy drawing pictures. He was really concentrating. He had used a lot of colors, On the work he was creating. So she asked what he was drawing, As he drew with an earnest frown. With the colors he was using, She thought, a peacock or a clown. He was deep in concentration But […]


Of all my students, he stood out, ‘Cause he was kind of weird. He had orange hair and holey clothes And a thin and straggly beard. That kind of kid, when I was young, We used to call a hippie. His talk was strange his ways were brash, You might say he was lippy. Well, […]